*** Please note that all pilots must read the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) as this provides information on how to use our system. ***

Welcome to the home of British Virtual Airways

British Virtual Airways is an online virtual airline for gamers who thrive to perfect their skills at FS9/FSX/P3D/ Or X-plane 10, and would like to make it all the more real, while having the choice to choose between over 800+ routes to fly across the globe! You can build your rank and earn virtual money, get to realistically think about fuel consumption with respect to safety, economics and airline logistics. Among our pilots, are also professional air traffic controllers and VATSIM controllers too!. We fly on networks such as VATSIM, IVAO, Pilotedge and FScloud and we proudly train qualified pilots to fly with ATC on IVAO and on VATSIM too, with our experienced and knowledgable flight instructors!

As a virtual airline we use smartCars to track and log our flights, they are monitored closely by our senior staff in order to ensure quality and safety, which is our pride as an airline. If you would like to be one step closer to your dreams, click here to join us on teamspeak,

Finally, we are delighted that you've found us! Use this site to discover more about our association and members. We meet regularly on our Teamspeak to take part in activities and enjoy each other's company, as well as almost always having a member of staff online to help! We were founded in 2012 to provide a place for young and old people to meet and learn new skills together. Our association is made up of people of all ages who enjoy talking to others, meeting new friends or simply enjoy spending time together on our Teamspeak or at one of our events! (See the forum!)

Live Tracker Flight Listing

Flight From To Pilot View Map
BAW377 LFBO - Toulouse-Blagnac EGLL - Heathrow Benedict Brown View Map
BAW490 EGLL - Heathrow LXGB - Gibraltar Philip Welland View Map
BVA13 VABB - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport OMDB - Dubai International Airport Fernando Bueno View Map
BAW828 EGLL - Heathrow EIDW - Dublin Airport Victor Petersen View Map

Latest PIREPs

Flight Number Departure Arrival Duration Touchdown Rate Status
BAW360 EGLL LFLL 1.34 -124 ft/min
BAW423 EHAM EGLL 00.40 -171 ft/min
BAW245 EGLL SAEZ 17.40 -121 ft/min
BAW1095 EGNX EHAM 00.46 -91 ft/min
BAW248 SBGL EGLL 10.56 -324 ft/min